Things from the past week

Hello everyone! Hard at work putting new things into Sauna2000. We are going to have an announcement fairly soon at EEK3. 

Here's sneak peeks to what has been happening this past week. 

I started using VR modelling as an approach to asset making. Liking it so far. Model creation is very fast in VR. 


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I haven't actually felt this level of excitement and anticipation for a game in a very long time, makes me feel like a kid again. Thank you Moya!


Wow I'm really looking forward to this. Good stuff :)


That's really cool, using VR to actually do something practical, it would be really interesting if VR is used in a more practical sense. Most of the time it seems like the new VR applications are just a fun distraction.

Looking forward to new updates!


Just when I think this game can't get any better, along comes a bear! Looks awesome! Keep up the great work! :)

Thank you! I'm adding quite a lot. I don't want the 30 Acres to feel empty. ;)