Update and VLOG ep3!

Dear Sauna 2000 friends and fans, We are doing well, and we hope you have been too.
Development is well underway but due to some very unfortunate events we won't be able to deliver the full game in time.
This saddens us, but this is a reality we can't morph or play with, so it's a little harder to change.

Message from Amos: "Rough, but amazing year behind. I wish I could say we are near to release with Sauna2000, but sadly no.
Last year I managed to overwork myself to a total burnout before the holidays and that took some months to heal.
Very happy with progress though, but due to the burnout depression my communication outside has not been the best.
Currently we are nearing to having a playable alpha for the backers and a small scale limited demo for the public.
Hopefully we can get these out the door fairly soon. huge thanks to everyone supporting us on making this game and a massive thanks for the love and support!"
Amos managed to be incredibly overworked last year and have a burn out.  We told him to take it easy for a while as his health was more important to us than the deadline, he is doing well now and we're working very hard to bring you something wonderful as soon as possible. Another member contracted "The thing out there" a few weeks ago and before that he had surgery on sebaceous cysts under the skin of his head, which made it rather hard to get to work. Despite all this, we are making great progress, we have been working very hard for all of you and will ensure you your vacation to Muhvijärvi later this year!
Now that we are back on track and fully recovered, expect some playable demos soon, with a small public release and a more advanced Kickstarter and Patreon release, see you soon in Finland! Thank you very much for your patience and support, we love you all!
- The Moya Horror Team

Also the latest Vlog is out now!

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