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Sauna 2000 is a sauna simulator from the year 1999.

In the game your mission is to warm the sauna before sunset.

This is your possibility to warm a Finnish sauna without actually going to Finland.

We hope you enjoy this relaxing bathing experience.

Sauna 2000 is currently in development. 

You can play the demo on HauntedPS1 Demo-Disk 2020   https://hauntedps1.itch.io Demo out Feb 6th 2020 


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This is now my gold standard on how daily life in Finland is.

1. Chop Wood

2. Get water

3. Empty ash

4. Collect beer

5. Dont get eaten by the finnish sauna demon

6. Enjoy the sauna


What did I do differently to go to that alien looking world that one time ?

2nd run

That makes sense, I tried to replicate it but I wasnt able to get into it again sadly.


Please tell me that a full version is coming.



This is incredible, perfect atmosphere, aesthetics and the creepy payoff!

Thank you!


One of my personal favorites of the Demo Disc, this game has a masterfully-executed build up and a very trippy and insane payoff. I really can't wait to see more of this game! Third and last game in the video. 

Huge thanks for playing! Nice one catching the second person. Sorry for loud sounds. The demo was too very rushed :/


You would have fooled me! This game was amazing, and I look forward to seeing its future direction!


really awesome game :) 10/10

how to get it?

Demo is on https://hauntedps1.itch.io/demodisc2020


This was amazing! Definitely the best game on hauntedps1. I was pleasantly suprised from all the small details, from the ash tray, to the different "endings". As someone who has been to a sauna, the gameplay felt very natural, as weird as that sounds. 

The style was executed flawlessly, usually people don't try that much, just throw a couple of shaders and shitty sound effects and done. This however was nostalgia inducing, even though I have never owned a console from that time. The game seems very niche, but that made it very refreshing. I loved the Finland vibe and the main character.

Amazing work, keep up the good work. I will definitely keep an eye out for you!

This game is absolutely fantastic. I have played this through at least 20 times by now meticulously searching for easter eggs and ways to trigger different endings. Never thought I’d be this excited for a game of this style to drop. Easily the best game on the haunted demo disc.

I have one question though, what’s the name of the song/songs that play from the radio after it gets switched on and plays during the sauna experience?

Thank you!! Thee song is "Syksyinen yö" By Lauta Jaska. You can find his songs on Soundcloud 


Saw a favorite streamer of mine play this, what really caught my attention was the song that the musician in that desert/apocalypse area sings, what is the song from?


It's our original production from years back. I don't know how it got there. Possibly there will be some clarification in the full release.

I really want that song. It's so calm and dark. Patiently waiting for the source :)

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🎀 IN SOMNIO & SAUNA 2000 | Haunted PS1 Demo Disc Full Gameplay


Thanks for playing! Too bad you didn't get it heated. Maybe in the full release :D


This is probably one of my favorite games on the demo disk NGL! I really like how it starts as something so simple and branches out from there. I've found a few different endings so far, though I have a suggestion for one more... Is there a way I can message you directly about it to avoid posting spoilers in the comments?

on twitter @amossorri   Hit me up on dem dms!


Will there be a Steam release once the game is completed? I would love to add it to my collection there, and pay some money for the great work



where do i run after make sauna

Tried sitting on the top seat and throwing water?


hello! what is the name of music when "Insert PraySalvation disc" screen shows?


It's a song by our musician / sound designer Nikke Kuki
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oh thanks! by the way can you make 10 hours of that screen? it emits so much of aesthetic i want to look at it for whole eternity until the Universe collapses


We'll aim to make that a possible reality in the full release. But I hope this works for now.


Thanks. It works for now. By the way I came from Alpha Beta Gamer. I'll follow your updates :3


Neat. I assumed the demo was all there would be. Sauna 2000 is one of my favorites on the demo disc, really great job.

Huge thanks! Highly appreciated! Perkele!